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I’ve always felt like eating a girl out is trial and error; we don’t all enjoy the same moves. Some girls like their clit sucked on, I fucking hate it. It’s too much for me. I wanna feel your warm, wet mouth on my entire plump pussy. And DAMNIT it feels good when it’s done right. I think if you’re a good kisser, you can eat pussy well. It’s a lot like tongue kissing, just a different more sensitive set of lips. 

  • I can’t speak for every woman but I think most like attention paid to the entire vagina, sloppily. Make a mess. We love sloppy toppy just as much as yawl do. Slurp and smack and really enjoy it.
  • That tongue flicking move on the clit? The whole time? Stop that. There is entire pussy platter there for you to explore and devour. Eat the all your food. Kiss it, tongue kiss it, the outer lips and the inner lips. Stick your tongue inside of her. Leave no lip, wrinkle or fold of pussy meat untouched.
  • With your mouth still on her, place a finger inside, maybe 2. Finger fuck her pussy while you lap up her juices. Gently at first, then do it harder, faster. Finger fuck her ass even (with her approval) while you do it. 
  • Be aggressive. A lot of us squirm and grind our hips when guys go down on us. When she does that, grip her thighs, hold her still, reach up and pinch on her nipples and whatever you do…….don’t stop. 
  • Because our genitals are a bit more complex than a penis and we all like different things, pay attention to her reactions. She squirts when your finger fuck her? Keep it up. She cums immediately when your tongue crosses that pulsing clit? Stay on that shit. 
  • Ask her what she likes/dislikes
  • Try different positions, not just you between her legs. Eat that shit from that back. We all know pussy is best eaten from the back. And while you’re back there: Eat. That. Ass. 69, or just have her sit on your face. That way she can work her hips on your mouth and really indulge. If she’s on her back, throw one or both of her legs back and go H.A.M.
  • Eat ass. Just fucking do it. 


great. FUCKING great. Now I want head. Thanks.


My mouth open, agape! Lost for words…

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Everything about this is perfect. Hold your puppy by his leash when he is particularly worked up. Play with his puppy dick. And make sure he is properly caring for your cock. 

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How to muff and an introduction into muffing


I’m here to quickly show you the ropes on muffing and how to be a right and proper crotch witch

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