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Some days I feel really torn between “kink has amazing potential to create transcendent psychological, even spiritual, experiences” and “kink turns me way the hell on.”

I mean, not that these have to be mutually exclusive.

"I want to create a scene that shakes me out of shallow intellectualization and forces me to draw upon the unbreakable inner strength at my core.  …Also, there should be butt stuff."

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I’m a virgin, but when I masturbate I like thinking that someone’s watching me touch myself. Just the thought of being made to make myself cum in front of someone really turns me on.”

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RAWANDPURE. || @oddixx || J.LaFountainePhotography

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i need to do this again sometime soon!

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sender, your dick pic is literally flawless.

how is the lighting so velvety? how are your thighs as commanding as your cock? how did you perfectly calculate the amount of clothing to include? your bed in the background looks tussled & inviting - how did you leave nothing unconsidered?

i would go on a date with you off the strength of this dick pic. i would give you free legal advice off the strength of this dick pic. i would frame this dick pic.

thank you, truly, for submitting to your dick pic gets a resounding A+.