smile wider slut…..your teeth aren’t showing, or do you want me to go find another bitch more grateful to have me torture her slut tits ?


That is a wince, o domliest of doms, whose gates are doubtlessly being battered down by legions of hungry women as we speak. Snow just loosened the binder clamp, and a fresh wave of pain turned her smile into something else.

The smiles came before and after:

But this is a whole other kind of special moment, one I was lucky enough to catch in the split second that it happened.

Good luck with finding your “submissive female soulmate”, but you might find that it’s a little easier if you come across a bit less unpleasant.

I love these smack downs. Spankaway is my fucking hero sometimes.

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Public announcement


Just because she posts porn doesn’t mean she’s always horny. Just because she posts pics of herself in a sexual way doesn’t mean it’s an invitation to harass her with asks about wanting to fuck or bombarding her inbox with unnecessary pictures. She feels beautiful and wants to show it. So please stop being assholes and show some respect. No wonder it’s hard for girls to find a good guy nowadays. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

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You always see young people naked together.

Well- here’s the hidden, beautiful reality.

We are forever- naked together.

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I heard that rabbits, can make 150 babies a year, how many do you think we can make in an hour?